Beaudin – Convertible Backpack, Unboxing


BEAUDIN – Convertible Backpack, Unboxing

I’m loving this little backpack / tote!  It’s my go-to weekend bag for when I’m going to be out and about for a long time.  It’s really lightweight so I take it if I’m taking kiddo to the park, her swim lesson or going for a picnic.  I usually stuff it with my skinny wallet (essentials), fat wallet (non-essentials), sunglasses, keys, phone, phone charger, keys and I can even stuff my favorite hooded Columbia fleece in there. I keep my phone in the outer pocket and I love that the bag zips and the pocket closes so I don’t worry even when I’m carrying it in backpack mode.   Plus since it’s fully secure, I can toss it in the backseat without my stuff flying everywhere.  This is one of the few bags I have that closes securely so I’m really loving that zipper. Plus, the tassel detail on the zipper makes closing / opening very easy.

I wanted to know more about Beaudin so I asked one half of the mom/daughter duo to share more with me and here’s what I found:

  • Leather – USA made top grain.  I love that this bag is truly an American piece – – the leather, the design and the production are all American.
  • Cowhide – They use a premium cowhide with an acid wash finish. If you watch my video, you’ll see what this means.  It’s got this gorgeous shimmery light brown / gold and where the acid washes off the hair, this silver metallic shines through.  I love that the pocket is sort of this wild contrast, but the rest of the bag is a soft black.  It’s just enough interest without being over the top.
  • I also just wanted to know more about Beaudin – how they came to be, what drives them and the charities that they choose to support.  I feel good about supporting their mission and giving back to their commitment to be truly an American made product.  Here  is that detail in their own words:
We are a mother & daughter team who’s passions for freedom and fashion collided. What started as a business to create what we love has now become a way to show love. We do this by teaching others how to make beautiful things and a beautiful life. We put all we had into making products we would want to buy ourselves and began to grow. It came time that we could no longer be the only makers. We decided to follow our hearts and train and hire ladies who have overcome difficult situations. Every product represents freedom from adversity. While helping to provide freedom to those still enslaved. A portion of our sales goes to liberate those in sex slavery. Each Beaudin accessory is a PRODUCT with PURPOSE.


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