Colonel Littleton – No. 25 Drifter Handbag

Check for it here (Aah, the perfect medium size purse!):  Colonel Littleton No. 25 Drifter Handbag

No. 25 Drifter Handbag!

This bag is a true unicorn!  First, I have no suggestions for Version 2.0. The most commented aspect of my reviews is always my trademark Version 2.0. Try as I might, I simply do not have anything to add or change about this bag that would improve it – it’s THAT good. I have NEVER said that about any bag.  Secondly, while I am in NorCal visiting my sweet mother, I showed her a large sample of my bags and said if there was one she wanted, please take it.   I cannot believe it, but she took this one!  Honestly, I was a little bummed.  So, as I make my way back down, I’ll be handing this beauty over to my mother to be its caretaker.  There is no other bag I own that is such a timeless, classic piece that it speaks to me and my mother.

Here’s what I’m loving – no, adoring – about this bag:

1.  The length!  I feel like bag straps always suffer from being just a bit too long.  This bag hits at such a nice length, just above the hip.  Plus, it’s adjustable on both sides with 3 holes to get just right length.  The way the strap is designed, both sides do not need to be on the length setting so you have a ton of leeway even with just 3 holes on either side. Secondly, the way the bag is designed, there’s no “tail” to overhang, even if you like it on the shortest setting.  Plus, even though the strap runs on the shorter side, it still makes for a super comfortable cross body carry.  I guess if we can put a man on the moon, we can make a bag a short drop that’s somehow still big enough to roll cross body.  DISCLAIMER – I’m not the one who my office mates call to reach stuff off the top shelf.

2.  That structure.  Bags seem to be too floppy or too structured.  I feel a bit like Goldilocks, here, but honestly, this bag strikes that perfect balance. It’s just floppy enough to mold to you when worn over the shoulder or crossbody, but somehow it doesn’t lose it’s shape when you go to open the bag.  It holds its structure, allowing me to see the contents of the bag clearly.

3. The leather, both inside and out.  The exterior is called simply brown.  That’s like calling a unicorn a horse with a handle.  There’s a richness here that just isn’t captured by the word ‘brown’.  It’s got orange undertones and rich depth to the leather, not that monotonous, uniform color we’re seeing too much of.  That interior, though – a beautiful, milk chocolate suede.  Pleeeeease make bags out of this suede on the exterior.  It’s too luxurious to only experience when I reach into the bag.

4. Timeless classic – It was inspired by a friend’s daughter’s trip to the vintage store, but updated to have front, open pockets — hello, impatient new world where phone and keys at easy reach are a must.  He really nailed the classic look with just enough updates so you know this isn’t your mama’s bag (except in my case, where it is, quite literally, my mama’s bag).

5. Medium size perfection. I mean, you’ve seen my Best of the Best Bags video and, you know, there’s a hole in that medium category.  Well, not anymore.  This bag is marching straight into that Hall of Fame and proclaiming itself THE mid size bag. I honestly can’t believe how much fits in here without it being an overwhelming carry.   Here’s what I demo’d in there and the bag could’ve still handled more – full accordion wallet, cosmetics pouch, keys, phone, hard sided sun glasses case, wireless phone charger, kiddo’s sunglasses and last, but not least, my Col. Littleton Moon Pie.  Seriously.  Is the Colonel joking around here?  No, no he is not.

I think I’m going to be adding some Colonel Littleton to my Collection.

What Colonel Littleton bags do you love?  Which of his beauties would you like to see me review?

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