Love 41 City Backpack

Check for it here (so chic!):  City Backpack

City Backpack!

Love 41 outdid themselves with this little number! I cannot believe how much stuff can fit in this “little” backpack.   It held all the traditional items you might carry in a backpack like a Big Wallet, down jacket and lunch purse (see Backpack Battle here ), but I also used it as a diaper bag and the perfect compact backpack for your Farmer’s Market leisure Sunday Funday.   As a diaper bag, I was able to fit – 2 diapers (in the zipper pocket), phone (in small front pocket), large tupperware place holder, baby blanket, Desitin, to-go wipes (all in the main compartment) and keys in the large open pocket.  To boot, there are two hidden pockets on either side in the interior, both with nipple closures.  A simple credit card wallet fits perfectly in there and my phone (although I can’t close it because it’s too tall) sits in the other pocket.  To haul stuff around for the Farmer’s market, I had a full bottle of wine, a large water bottle, a bag of apples (!), a large tablet (large open pocket), keys (front zipper pocket) and phone (front open pocket).  This amount of stuff and the weight would make me not want to walk around very long if I was carting this around the Farmer’s Market in your traditional open tote, but as a backpack, you can easily hold the weight!

Nuts and Bolts:

  • Western Cedar – Think tobacco, but with orange undertones (in the best way).  It’s the perfect fun neutral to whatever you have on.
  • Exterior: 14”H x 11″W x 4″D
  • Front zipped pocket: 6½”H x 8½” W x 3″ D
  • Top front pocket-nipple rivet closure- 3 ¼” H x 8 ½” W
  • Bottom front pocket: 4 ½”H x 10″ W
  • Adjustable straps-total length is 30″
  • Easy carry handle-2″ H
  • 2.8 pounds

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