LM Products Vendue Classic Clutch – An Unboxing

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LM Products Vendue Classic Clutch – Unboxing & First Impressions!

Aaah, my first unboxing!  I’ve officially turned the corner into full blown YouTube reviewer.  It was kind of fun, actually to share my first impressions with you.  I started my purse obsession first with first just being attracted to quality product that wasn’t mass produced and now I’ve really started to care about how the product is made. On that note, this little beauty comes from a family that is three generations deep, still making quality leather products in America.  I enjoy the product more when I know how and where it was made.  I digress…this is unboxing, after all!

First impressions – I’m loving that it comes almost with this patina on it already, no breaking in necessary.  The main front and back sections have a smooth leather to it that looks almost aged.  The areas where it is folded reveal a lighter shade in the crease and it just gives the bag this depth instead of being a one dimensional single shade all over.

The size is the perfect slim profile – – I wanted something to slip into my larger work bag that I could take out to lunch, coffee, etc. and leave my giant tote behind.  This does the trick and it could certainly stand alone as a more dressed up clutch without the strap.  It comes with four (4!) different carry options, more on this later when I do my full review. The strap also has a very unique feature that I’ve not see elsewhere.  I’ll be taking her out on her maiden voyage tomorrow and will get back to you next week with my full review.  Stay tuned!

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