Love 41 Hair-On Simple Tote Review

Get it here:  Love 41 – Limited Edition Lovely Collection

A wonderfully simple tote for those days when you need to carry just about everything!

This bag is a simple beauty – no zippers, pockets, key fobs or fuss, just a large tote.  This is a take off on their Simple Tote, same dimensions and features, but this Limited Edition is a hair-on version.  I love the super light weight of this bag; it’s the lightest bag of this size that I own.  As with most of my bags, this will be for work and needs to fit my laptop, accouterments, lunch purse, phone, etc. My purse hack for this beauty is to take the liner from an old school Saddleback Leather Tote (back when the liner was removable) and drop it into this bag and voila!  I now have one (1) secured pocket with a covered flap, one open cell phone pocket and one (1) key fob.  Added bonus is that the bag is more structured and now easily stands up on its own!  Plus, switching from bag to bag is a cinch as the liner just slides right out.  Since they discontinued the removable liner, I poked around on Etsy and found this lovely purse organizer made just to fit large totes!  I love that it has a rustic, almost burlap look to it…a perfect complement to the ruggedness of the hair on tote!

What purse hacks do you use when modifying a bag to fit your lifestyle?  I saw someone attach this beautiful leather key strap from Leather Works Minnesota to the Simple Tote handle  and it was the perfect solution to hanging keys in the bag.  Someone else uses an open Saddleback laptop sleeve to catch their keys, phone, etc. and then it also acts as a divider and compartmentalizes the bag.  What about closures / security since the bag is open?  Any good hacks for that?


  • The hair is this lovely sleek matte and lends a sophisticated feel to an otherwise simple bag.
  • Extremely lightweight for its size.
  • Slim profile offsets the larger width of this bag.
  • Shoulder drop is the perfect length even though I’m only 5’2″.


  • No key fob or interior pockets


  • Up to 15″ laptop in Saddleback case
  • Lunch purse
  • Sunglasses
  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Lunch Bag

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Consider different color straps that might better complement the particular hide of the bag.
  • Bring back the old Saddleback Leather Tote removable liner!  It would be a great addition to the lineup and give options for people who want just a little more than a simple tote.  Plus, imagine the ease of switching bags when everything is already fully contained in a removable liner…yet another excuse to have more bags!

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