Leather Artisan Bracelets

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Three Artisan Leather Bracelets!

I’ve never been one for traditional jewelry so I like the idea of leather bracelets. Here are three different artisan bracelets that I’m loving right now!  First up is from the Love 41 Umuragi Collection (now discontinued sniff, sniff).  It is a serious piece of thick leather for a bracelet and has a nice weight to it. It’s also fairly wide so makes a fun, statement piece.    The next one is awash in soft blue with a metal cutout of California and comes from The Vintage Pearl.  They do a whole lot more than just leather and have a lot of fun, DIFFERENT accessories which I appreciate.  Their wide leather cuff that can be personalized looks particularly interesting so that might be my next purchase. Lastly, is my blast from the past – Dandy Craft!  I have had this bracelet for ages and for a while it was my daily accessory.  I picked it up at a pop up store for small artisans and have been loving it ever since.   I was hard on this bracelet and it still looks great.  I think I’ve had it for probably eight years so that’s saying a lot.  That particular bracelet is no longer available, but she’s got some great new designs that I want to try out.

What artisan leather jewelry do you wear?  Share your favorite artisan jewelry makers below!  If you make leather jewelry, show us your stuff!

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