Saddleback Leather – 5 Pack Leader Wallet

Get it here:  Saddleback Leather – 5 Pack Leader Wallet

Repurposing a fly fisherman leader wallet into the perfect mid size wallet for women!

I’m not always neat or always messy, sometimes I’m one or the other or somewhere in between and  the size  of my wallets reflects my mood. I started out with the largest known to man, at least in my corner of the world (Saddleback Big Wallet in Dark Coffee Brown) and I carried that in my heavy Umuragi Purse in Black (since discontinued).  Together, the two were a lot for an afternoon out!    I then downsized to the extreme thinking I could get away with using a simpler wallet (Saddleback Business Card Holder) and, clearly, I am not a minimalist as that thing was busting at the seams!  I saw this little beauty under the Backcast Outfitters Collection and bingo, my latest mid size / right sized “wallet”.


  • Five generously sized pockets in an accordion fashion hold a LOT and allow for better organization.
  • Leather strap allows this to act as a clutch.
  • First and last pockets allow cards to be stored vertically AND side by side so you can store more and more easily see the cards.  2nd, 3rd and 4th pockets can only accommodate cards horizontally due to stitching.


  • If credit cards are stacked vertically in the first and last pockets, they stick out a bit on the bottom and are visible.  It doesn’t seem like they can fall out, but again, this wasn’t intended to be a wallet so I’m ok with that.
  • Nipple rivet closure is difficult to open and seems like the small bit of leather below the rivet may tear.
  • Strap that allows this to become a clutch is too close to the top to allow for easy gripping of the bottom of the wallet.


  • 5 Pockets are perfect for 1) Cards used frequently 2) Cards used rarely 3) Receipts 4) Cash and 5) Gift Cards / Frequent Flier Cards.

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Change the nipple rivet to the thumb turn closure (like that on the Umuragi line) or a simpler rivet (like that on the Love 41 Hair-on Clutch)
  • Make the opening flap run the full length of the wallet and move the strap closer to the bottom so when carried as a clutch you can easily grip the bottom of the wallet.

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