Love 41 Bucket Bag

Get it here:  Love 41 – Bucket Bag

The workhorse of work bags from Love 41!  Guaranteed for 41 years.

I ask a LOT of my work bags.  They have to carry my laptop in an oversized case (Saddleback Mac Book Pro w Retina Display Sleeve), laptop cords, my “lunch purse”, keys, phone, hard sunglasses case and a ziploc bag of snacks.  It needs to have a solid / wide strap so I can carry that weight comfortably and be able to stand upright all by itself so I can set it down without fear of all my contents tumbling out.  I’m super hard on all my bags, ESPECIALLY my work bags so it needs to be up to the task and this bag most definitely is!


  • Tobacco leather is buttery soft.  I’ve not seen leather like this from Saddleback or Love 41 before. It’s more of a suede than a leather.
  • Easily holds my laptop in a large case and anything else I might need for a day at the office.
  • Love that it has a North / South orientation instead of your classic East / West, makes for a fun change of pace.  Sometimes large East / West bags look silly on my frame, but this huge bag doesn’t look out of proportion on me.


  • No key fob
  • Interior pocket – Difficult to open
  • Bag hangs low


  • Up to 15″ laptop (vertically)
  • Lunch purse
  • Sunglasses
  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Lunch Bag

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Needs a key fob, desperately!  It’s too deep of a bag not to have one.
  • Interior pocket
    • Needs to have the “secret pocket” behind it as it would accomodate multiple phone sizes.  The actual phone pocket only fits the Samsung Galaxy S7 and similar sized phones.
    • Needs a simpler way to open, consider a nipple rivet or a thumb turn closure
  • More holes on the shoulder strap to accommodate all heights.

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