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Flop Over Crossbody, Tobacco – Nuts & Bolts

June 17, 2018

I find myself reaching for this bag more and more.  It’s just such an EASY carry and it holds a lot if I need it to, but if it’s a light day, then it has a very narrow profile.  I wish they made pants that could do that, but I digress.  I was out all day today – swim lessons for kiddo, dentist, then driving through some of my old haunts, then a (very) leisurely lunch followed it up rummaging through some vintage stores.  Had this little beauty on all day cross body and it was the perfect companion for a full day out and about.  It never got in the way, the strap never dug in and it never got so heavy that I had to think about leaving it in the car.

I feel good about supporting Duvall Leatherwork – American made, hand crafted, small business, still doing things old school.  American crafters are alive and well!



  • Duvall Flop Over Crossbody, Unboxing:  https://goo.gl/ZjoswM
  • Duvall Leatherwork Small Shoulder Bag, Unboxing: https://goo.gl/ZATFxp
  • Duvall Leatherwork Small Shoulder Bag, Nuts and Bolts: https://goo.gl/QorDBb
  • Hand and Hide Large Tote Review: https://goo.gl/1iJAdZ
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  • Saddleback Small Tote:  https://goo.gl/xv3VYa
    •      Love 41 Simple Tote:  https://goo.gl/Fr8BGm



  • **Flop Over Crossbody**:  https://goo.gl/i51HJ2
  • Shop Duvall Leatherwork: https://goo.gl/8KaYtn
  • Hand and Hide Tote:  https://goo.gl/Tu9rVe
  • Saddleback Leather:  https://goo.gl/NmsuWb
  • Love 41:  https://goo.gl/fXpxFM


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Colonel Littleton – No. 36 Trekker Review Part I

Check for it here (Customizable!):  No. 40A Leather Campaign Bag*

*The No. 36 Trekker is no longer for sale, but the Leather Campaign Bag is the most similarly styled bag.

No. 36 Trekker Review, Part I

The Great American Leather Company

This video is everything I love – leather and coffee and animals plus husband and kiddo.  Remember my first review of the Colonel Littleton Drifter where I made my husband stomp around to get rid of the snakes?  Well, he got me back!  Let me just say that he knew the goats would come after me, but encouraged me to take my coffee out and shake it, knowing they would mistake it for food.

This is such a great weekend bag for medium carry!  I love that the long front flap means it’s perfectly secure, but still easily accessible (especially, since I never snap the strap closed).  Plus, it’s got great organization and is just so comfortable to carry.  I had it on all day – during the coffee roasting, goat mauling and dog mauling and just about forgot that it was on.  The capacity is very surprising! I didn’t get to showcase all the features of this bag (as to be expected when a goat is trying jump on you), so stay tuned for a more serious Part II review of this amazing bag!

So, if you fall in love with this bag, I gotta say – I’m sorry! This bag is no longer available on Colonel Littleton.  Out with the old and in with the new.  The bag that I’ve found that most closely resembles it (including some amazing upgrades – removable pocket, hello?!) is this one.  Hopefully, that’s the next bag in my arsenal because I can use that one for weekday carry also since it will fit my laptop!



Col. Littleton No. 25 Drifter

A Day in the Life of Col. Littleton

Colonel Littleton Play List



No. 40A Leather Campaign Bag*

*The Trekker is no longer available, but this new bag is very close!  It’s upgraded in size and is the work version of my Trekker as it can house a laptop up to 14”.

No. 25 Drifter



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