Love 41 Wanderers Backpack Review

Check for it here (A full size backpack that’s comfortable!):  Love 41 Wanderer’s Backpack!

Wanderer’s Backpack

It took me FOREVER to do this video!  Why?  Because I was struggling to find suggestions for Version 2.0 of this bag and, you know, I always have suggestions for improvement.  This bag gave me a run for my money, it’s just about perfect the way it is!  Here’s what I love about this bag:

  • Comfort – Despite being a full size bag, it still manages to be a comfortable wear.  They’ve added padding to the straps, the straps are just the right thickness and don’t slide off whether the bag is full or empty.  Additionally, even if it’s empty, it still retains it shape, making for a comfortable wear because the leather is juuuust right.
  • Security – This is really the main feature of this bag!  Each opening has two options for closure – the zipper and a strap secured by a nipple rivet closure  If you don’t need that kind of security, just secure the strap to the nipple rivet closure, but leave the flap hanging and then you just need to work with the zipper.  Even the zipper placement on the main opening (bucket bag style), means that even if it’s fully open, nothing is falling out the sides the way it might if it was your traditional zipper opening on a backpack.
  • Hidden Pockets – Two hidden pockets lie behind the two side zippered pockets.  This means convenient access for phones, keys, hotel key cards or simple wallets.
  • Organization – The size pockets (both zippered and hidden) take care of easy access items (wallets, pouches, cords, etc.). The main interior pocket has another pocket that features an open area as well as a zippered area – perfect for your passport!
  • Size – I can fit their Saddleback 15″ laptop case in here!  This bag is big, but floppy enough that if you don’t stuff it to the gills, it sinks down a bit, the perfect mix of not quite floppy, not quite structured.  It looks just fine empty or nearly empty and how many backpacks can you say that about?

Version 2.0 Suggestions – Ok, there’s not much here, but here we go:

  • Shoulder straps length – This bag generously accommodates multiple heights and if you’re on the shorter side, the excess strap might dangle at the bottom.  Consider flipping the straps so the adjustment for length happens at the top so even if the excess length dangles, it’s not dangling past the bag and swinging around.  You can also add a nipple rivet to the strap so that you can secure any excess to the strap itself.
  • Open side pocket – This bag has plenty of options for keeping your items secure so why not sacrifice one zippered side pocket and substitute in an open pocket to hold your water bottle?

Really folks, that’s IT for suggestions and, you know, I usually have a ton of suggestions, even if I love the bag.   Aaah the wanderer’s backpack, this backpack is such a nice find!  I think you’re going to love it!


Love 41 Backpack Battle

Check for it here (You’re gonna love it!):  City Backpack vs. Wanderer’s Backpack

City Backpack vs. Wanderer’s Backpack!


So excited to see all the new designs on Love 41!  I love that they’ve released some traditional backpacks instead of convertible backpacks.  The bags are so different, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Hopefully, this video helps you decide.  Here’s a quick rundown in the backpack battle:

City Backpack – This bag packs a lot into bag.  I was surprised at just how much I can fit in there. The leather on this is the smoother, slick leather.  It reminds of the leather on their Umuragi collection. It’s a stiffer, structured bag that’s going to require some breaking in to reach it’s full potential. It has one main zippered compartment, one front zippered pocket and two open front pockets with a nipple closure.  The zipper runs over the top and down the sides (old school, Jansport style – remember those?).  This is perfect for a replacement as your work purse or an evening out after work.  It’s compact so won’t look out of place in a casual work environment, art gallery, museum, etc. the way a standard backpack might.   It would also make an uber chic diaper bag, especially because it has easy access (one zipper) to get to the main compartment and three other compartments for staying organized!  You can also open the bag while standing up on the go!

Wanderer’s Backpack – If the mini version is the City, then this roomy cousin is the Country.  This backpack fits a TON of stuff.  The leather on this is the floppy sort (reminds me of the way people describe the Love 41 Simple Tote). You can see the richness of the grain, the marbling and feel the texture of this bag.  On just the first wear, you’re going to feel the way it molds to fit your back.  This bag is big and has a nice weight to it, but they’ve thoughtfully added padding inside the leather straps so it feels SUPER comfortable on. Getting in and out of this bag requires a bit more doing than the City – there’s a strap, flap and then the zipper.  Realistically, you need to set this bag down to get to the interior.  The benefit to this is this bag is SECURE.  Plus, its got those two side pockets with both zippers and flaps that make for easier access on the go.  Your phone, keys and can’t-live-without cosmetics can live in those side pockets!  I’m thinking the Love 41 Essential Oils pouch would keep those cosmetics organized in the side pocket so no fishing around.  This backpack likes to make its presence felt…probably not the best thing for the office, but perfect for a day out exploring, hiking and traveling!  Or if you’re mom on the go and carry more stuff than you ever thought possible, then you’ve met your match!

What backpacks do you like?  Let me know if you’ve found some great backpacks for work or for wandering….thanks for stopping by!