LM Leather Goods – Wentworth Purse Tote Review

Check for it here:  Wentworth Purse Tote

May 10, 2018

LM LEATHER GOODS – Wentworth Purse Tote Review

This bag was unequivocally worth the wait!  It’s simple, but elegant; right sized, but roomy.  It’s your everyday, everything bag.  It fits my laptop and its cord so it can be a work bag; it’s not too big so it can be a lunch bag; it’s squishy and lightweight enough that it’s a great weekend purse.

About the maker…

Three (3) generations deep still making their products in Indiana. Originally a guitar strap maker, their selection has expanded to include a modest selection of women’s bags, men’s bags and leather accessories.   I have their Field Notes case and the leather on that thing is insane…I actually invent reasons to pull it out and write stuff, weird I know.  Tyler, please make a women’s bag (maybe a 10 X 10 size) out of the same leather that your Field Notes is in.  That would be amazing!

About Version 2.0…

This bag is one of the more versatile bags I own!  I have only one wish and that’s swing the pocket and key fob to the other side of the bag.  I realize this means the front of the bag will show the stitching, but I think they can expand the pocket and hide the stitching under the bag handles where they’re affixed to the bag.  No biggie though and don’t let this stop you from buying this beauty. I’m just picky about my pockets!


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  • My Amazon Shop:  https://www.amazon.com/shop/SoniaShepherd
  • LM Leather Goods Wentworth Purse Tote:  https://goo.gl/BHaab7
  • LM Leather Goods Vendue Classic Clutch:  https://goo.gl/7NU1Ys
  • Saddleback Small Tote: https://goo.gl/NmsuWb


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Colonel Littleton No 25 Drifter Handbag

Check for it here (Gorgeous!):  No. 25 Drifter Handbag

No. 25 Drifter Handbag!

I love the search for that elusive “perfect” mid sized purse.  I used to think there wasn’t one (see my Best of the Best Review where there was previously NO CONTENDER for this category), but after today’s unboxing I think the search might be over. I’ll need to test drive this beauty for the next few days before I can bestow such an honor, but first impressions are very positive, not just for the purse itself, but the thoughtful packaging.   Here’s the standouts:

  • Packaging – Purse is tucked into a sweet little pouch and they include a moon pie (!) along with two informative cards sharing their story and the handwritten name of the employee who inspected it.  They include a full catalog tucked into an envelope for safe keeping.  Everything about the packaging is thoughtful.
  • Rich buttery soft brown (almost mahogany / cherry) leather with lots of depth and variation in color.
  • Soft chocolate brown suede interior.
  • It hits in the perfect spot! Almost all my purses are too long (granted some might say I’m too short…), but this one hits at just the right place and somehow it can also be worn cross body (maybe not if you’re tall, though).
  • Easy access front pockets are just perfect for keys and phone.
  • Customer service – I’ve read about their rave reviews on Facebook and then I witnessed it first hand.  What can I say?  They’re courteous and responsive.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is…this is a rare combination.
  • Personal Touch – Not a mass produced item.  It shines through in their packaging, their motto (“The Important Things in Life – Good Friends, Good Health & Peace of Mind) and the quality of their product.  This is the retail equivalent of “Farm to Table”.  This is “Creator to Consumer”.  I love being close to the designer, the producer and not part of a huge machine of middlemen.