Duvall Leatherwork – Small Shoulder Bag: Nuts and Bolts



Small Leather Shoulder Bag, Red Brown

I get a LOT of questions about bag measurements.  What can I say?  We are a detail oriented bunch.  We don’t just want to know IF there’s a pocket, we want to know if it’s an open pocket, divided pocket, hanging pocket, anchored pocket….well, here you go!  Here’s the nuts and bolts of the Duvall Leatherwork Small Shoulder Bag.  Please note the measurements are approximate!  A few comments about how I measure below.  Stay tuned for the full review coming soon!

POCKETS – I measure the exterior of the pocket and then subtract ½” to account for the fact that the actual pocket is slightly smaller on the interior.  The height of the zippered pocket is measured only up to the height of the zipper, but in theory, you could put something in there a bit taller because the zipper is not at the very top.

KEY FOB – This is measured from AFTER the rivet where it’s affixed to the bag since that is the portion that is moveable.

Need I say more?

How ‘bout just one more thing?

Proudly crafted in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Cheers to American Crafters!



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