Sandast – Wine Holder & Simple Wallet Review


SANDAST – Wine Holder & Simple Wallet

I had to showcase these little accessories! They have so much thoughtful detail they deserved their own spotlight.

WINE HOLDER – Here’s what I’m loving:

  • Subtle Branding – As always, the engraved “Sandast Made in USA” is just enough.  Their signature logo is sweetly imprinted on the top AND onto one of the brass rivets.  It’s that kind of detail that makes Sandast, Sandast.
  • Braiding – The handle is braided.  It didn’t need to be braided and it was a lot of work, but worth the effort as it really adds to the bag. You can see just how much on the video here (scroll all the way down).
  • Color – It’s Orchid.  Not purple or violet, but exactly Orchid.  All the variation and richness of its namesake. BTW, they just released the James Petit in Orchid.  In Orchid.
  • Contrast – It’s another way this little wine holder manages to stand out.  It’s got a cinch at the top with a contrasting color.

SIMPLE WALLET – Before I get into what I love, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that this wallet is not for sale.  It’s a gift from the owner as a thank you. But, if you love it, you can get this braided bi-fold wallet instead and get your fix that way!  Ok, here’s what I’m loving:

  • Color – Its Cobblestone.  I love the name as it matches perfectly – – that gray / blue that is Cobblestone.
  • Texture – Some of the other stiffer simple wallets I’ve come across, make accessing the cards tough.  Not with this one.  It’s very soft and pliable so getting your cards in / out is quite easy.  This is part of what it means to be Sandasted – it’s already got the ease of a vintage piece.
  • Braiding – Ok, I already mentioned it above so I won’t go into it too much, but it’s braided 360!!
  • Personalized – He engraved my name! Watch him engrave it (with my help, of course!) in this video.



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