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If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong!  What a fun afternoon sitting down with Mr. Sandast himself – – wine, chocolate, cheese, coffee and leather, all my favorite things!  You know it’s going to be a good interview when you can’t stop laughing long enough to even get started. It’s gonna take a while to edit this goodness, but here’s a bit of silliness to tide you over.



SANDAST INTERVIEW I – Honey, we gotta sell the house…

I love that life is this hilarious mix of going for broke, failing, succeeding and then starting all over again.  Where would you be if you never quit that job, moved to that new city or went back to school?  In Chris’ case, would Sandast exist if he never sold his house?

I feel like the highlight reel of your life is those times that you pushed your chips to the center and went all in.  It’s not all the successes, but the times you went for it. It’s an honor to share the true story of Sandast, not just the legacy of their product, but their trials and their struggles before the rebirth.  I hope you enjoy watching his story as much I did.

SANDAST INTERVIEW II – He who wishes to the move the mountain…

Life is overwhelming.  Thinking about the steps it would take to be where we want to be is enough to make your head spin so I love the idea that Chris has a mantra that gets him through the minutiae.  It’s simple, but perfect and he engraved it on his bag as a permanent reminder.

This is life.  Complicated and overwhelming, but simple and beautiful in this weird way.  It’s not the big steps he took.  It’s not that Blake Lively commissioned a bag (she did). It’s not the Johnny Depp loves Sandast (he does).  It’s that Chris comes to the studio day in and day out and life has a way of working out for people that work for it.

SANDAST INTERVIEW III – From that point on, I never looked back…

Chris is a painter.  His artwork is displayed prominently as the backdrop of his humble studio and sales floor.  As you enter, there is a painting on the left that is this brilliant mix of red and yellows.  In the years before, it was a somber mix of grays that gradually gave way to what you see today.  Chris painted over it. Then he painted over it.  Then he painted over it.  To me, this mural is his phoenix rising…we are all changing, struggling, doing over and beginning again.  Some people stop at the gray.  It’s easy to do. Life is this impossible mix of struggles some days, but I see his spirit and I’m inspired.

If you’re in the gray, keep going.  Add just a little bit of red.  Commit to doing the same tomorrow.  Be just a little better than you were.  Life is a process.

SANDAST INTERVIEW IV – We’re just getting started…

Truer words were never spoken.  I look forward to the evolution of Sandast. He’s got his feet under him and he’s off to the races.

It’s beautiful to see something come together in the way that Sandast has after years of struggle and self-doubt and the thoughts that plague us.  The Sandast legacy is a testimony to hard work and persevering when you aren’t sure of the outcome.  Chris, you’re an inspiration.  After the success of Sandast, you’re still you; you’re still relatable and you’re funny as all get out.  Thanks for an afternoon of laughs and time well spent.  I’ll drink to that.


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