LM Leather Goods – Wentworth Purse Tote, Unboxing

Check for it here:  Wentworth Purse Tote

Wentworth Purse Tote, Unboxing

It’s been nearly a year since I last did a review for LM Leather Goods (Vendue classic clutch, anyone?) and it’s been even longer that I’ve been coveting the Wentworth Purse Tote!  The size and style of this tote just spoke to me.  Most bags that can house my laptop for work are just way too big for me to want to tote around on the weekend so I end up downsizing.  This bag is unique in that it can do double duty – big enough for my laptop, but not so big that I need to switch it out for weekend carry.  Plus, it’s just formal enough for office days, but not so stuffy that I won’t tote it around on weekends.  Anyways, it’s here and it’s gorgeous and this (not so) little beauty was well worth the wait.  I see why it sells out and out and sells out and sells out…

I’ve been a nerd this weekend and periodically cruise around the house with this on…and empty.  Yup, I just like the feel of it.  The leather is soft and it just feels comfortable.  My husband caught me wearing it empty, in the house and looking in the mirror.  Whatever, he doesn’t get it.  Strange to some, totally normal to me.  I mean, hey, if you like it, why not wear it?  It can also go crossbody, not super cross body (remember I’m only 5’2″), but sort of cross body the way I wore the Col Littleton No. 25 Drifter crossbody.  I also put my laptop in there and it works great.  I don’t even need a sleeve when it’s in there.  Ah, the merits of this bag.   Plus, you can feel great about supporting American made – – not just American made today, but three (3) generations deep American made.  That’s commitment.

Stay tuned for my full review!  I’ll take detailed bag measurements and show you what fits.


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