LM Products Vendue Classic Clutch Review

Check for it here (The perfect slim clutch):  LM Products Vendue Classic Clutch

Vendue Classic Clutch!

“Can I get a hallelujah?  Can I get an Amen?….” Maren Morris’ little diddy played on a loop in my head when I unboxed this beauty.  THIS is the slim profile clutch you’ve been searching for. I was looking for a bag that would fit nicely in work purses without adding a ton of bulk or weight.  I also wanted something stylish and clean that would look work appropriate if I took it to lunch or a cocktail hour – this is that bag.  Here’s what I’m loving about this little dynamo:

1.  That leather…It comes with this aged patina look that says I’ve been a faithful sidekick for years.  None of that new / plastic looking leather.  It’s made from a single piece of leather so where the bag is creased reveals this beautiful lighter colored leather that is a nice contrast to the rich brown on the main body of the bag.   It’s got this great thickness and stiffness to it so it’s a very structured carry which is perfect for a clutch like this.

2.  Closure – Simple and clean snap closure, no fuss, no muss.  From a style perspective, it works perfectly with the clean look of the bag.

3. That fandango strap!  Who knew you could have a unique strap out of nowhere?  I thought I’d seen just about every strap there is and then this came along.  I love that when you wear it over the shoulder, it’s one single strap, but when you need to carry it in wristlet mode, the strap breaks down into a smaller strap.  This would be a great bag to travel with…you don’t need to take up extra room by carrying two straps.

4.  It’s a 4 in 1.  It does over the shoulder, cross body, wristlet and clutch.  By the way, I love that the hooks for the strap aren’t visible from the front, top or sides of the bag.  It makes for a very clean look if you choose to remove the straps altogether and use it as just a clutch.  Why doesn’t everyone do this?  It looks awkward if you can see the attachment loops, but there’s no straps running through there – genius!  They even do their strap length smartly.  For the first time ever, I don’t have to have it on the shortest setting.  For me, the medium setting works just fine.  It’s nice that the strap covers a wide range of heights, finally!  If you’re petite, you want this bag for this alone.  No more awkward dangling of the purse way past your hip.

It’s got a lot of smart features for a little bag, but here’s what I want to see in Version 2.0.  Hey, there’s always room for upgrades!

1.  This isn’t the bag that you stuff to the gills. It’s too elegant for that so you carry just what you need – phone, keys, wallet and lipstick.   We aren’t working with a ton of room here so I don’t want to unnecessarily sacrifice space inside the bag to carry a wallet.  How about adding a small flush pocket to the interior back wall of the bag that’s open and can snugly accommodate 3 or 4 credit cards?  Since it might be hard to get your cards out of there, do a small thumb cut out opening at the base of the pocket so I can push the cards up.

2.  Let’s talk about that precious little THICK leather square adorning the bag and featuring their swirly logo.  I love that little thing!  It’s just a nice little bling / accessory to a simple bag.   I’d love to be able to monogram my initials in gold on the other side of that square and I’d pay extra for it because I could move it from bag to bag.  Every woman loves monograms and personalization on their leather!

3.  Add a traditional clutch strap that’s very snug and tight to the bag.  The same closures that you have on the straps now would work just perfect to affix this stap. I envision a thick 2″ strap – an unapologetic strap announcing “I’m here” and adding an unexpected pop of color to this bag.  In my video, I showed three (3) straps that they already make for guitars that showcase the color I envision. I love the contrasting color and the idea that you could have one bag, but 3 straps to change it up.

That’s it, folks!  Not much to improve upon here.  Just a fun little carry from a family still working their craft three generations later, still made in America and still an outstanding product.  Thanks, Tyler!

PS.  These videos are fun to make and sometimes, hilarious! It often takes a few bites at the apple before I get it right.  After my first sign off, that’s the end of the “official”review, but I added an outtake review to the end just for fun so you can see all the things that can go wrong when you’re trying to film.  Thanks for watching!

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