AWL Snap Tom Tom Tote, an Unboxing

Check for it here (Work to Weekend Bag!):  Tom Tom Tote

Tom Tom Tote!

We’re all guilty of participating in fast fashion and throw away items that catch our eye for only a minute or aren’t meant to last, but deep down we know there is something better.  Once upon a time, Erin of Awl Snap made her living selling cheap plastic logo-ed goods to corporations, but spent her spare time combing for quality vintage and products made to last.  She combined this search for something greater with her ability to sew (courtesy of lessons from mom!) and voila,  a million YouTube videos later + some serious practice in the art of crafting leather, and Awl Snap was born.  I’m honored to review the Tom Tom Tote, the first product she ever made.  I love a good story and this is certainly a good story.  People dream of leaving their day job all the time for their true calling, but few people ever do.  Cheers to someone that did!  Here’s my first impressions:

  • Packaging – When you can’t see or touch the product before you buy, your first impression is the packaging.  Thoughtful touches on the packaging say to me that this item was produced with love! Awl Snap stamps the box with sweet little sayings and lovingly wraps the item in the most neat and orderly tissue complete with a sticker.  The item is not just tossed in the box with some paper to keep it from shifting.  She even took the time to write two (!) handwritten notes, including one that says “Thank you for supporting handmade”.
  • Leather – We’re all here for the leather!  The leather feels tumbled to me and I can see the grain coming through.  It’s got a nice weight to it and feels really comfortable on.  I like the contrasting striped cloth just peeking out over the top of the two front pockets.  It’s not floppy, not structured, but somewhere in between.  Straps are thick and there’s a quality there that you can’t get in mass produced purses.
  • Hardware – It matches!  You’re 99% there once the hardware matches.   I’d describe it as an antiqued brass look, sure to fit in with lots of looks and can be dressed up or down.
  • Finishing Touches – I haven’t seen a closure style like this on any other bag and bonus points for also having an easy open clasp.  I have big plans for this little closure.  I’ll test it out over the week and let you know if my idea works!

I’m on vacation this week so (weather permitting) I’ll try to shoot in some fun spots and give more clues to my mystery location!

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