LocTote Bag Review

Check for it here (You’re gonna love it!):  LocTote Industrial Bag Company

LocTote Industrial Bag!

What if you’re flying solo and want to go for a swim?  Where do you put your stuff?  How do you travel through foreign countries and feel good about having all your most important travel documents on your back?  What if you’re hiking through Costa Rica or Hawaii and get hit with one of their tropical rains? –> ENTER THE LOCTOTE!  I was in a  conference in Hawaii a few weeks back and had this exact problem so I set off on a search for a travel companion backpack that’s perfect the solo traveler.  This bag is the ticket. Its unstructured nature allows it to fold up small and stash in your carry on or in the front pocket of your luggage.  It makes for a comfortable back pack or cross body (if you’re on the shorter side) and this bag goes into serious lock down mode – watch me try to get through it with a knife in my YouTube review.  It cinches so tight, no sticky fingers are getting in there.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you can use the locking feature to tie the bag to something (think a bench, or a secure fence or heavy furniture) and you can leave the bag safely knowing it will be waiting for you when you get back from you swim.  In addition to the safety features of the bag, I love the size!  Since it’s slouchy, if you don’t have a lot in it, it’s a relatively compact carry, but it’s large enough to hold my 15″ laptop and then some.  I’m loving this bag and it would make a great gift for the avid traveler or even just your favorite beach bum.  Get it here!

What bags do you think make the best travel companions?  Leave me your thoughts below. Do you have the LocTote?  What’s been your experience with it?

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