Umuragi Purse, Black

Umuragi BagUmuragi Bag

Get it here:  Love 41- Umuragi Purse, Black

A classic wardrobe staple – the simple black leather handbag, from the Love 41 Umuragi Collection.

This bag stayed in my rotation the absolute longest of any bag so far and that’s saying a lot!  It’s a really clean, elegant bag with just enough rivets and hardware to make it interesting.  The clean exterior is mirrored on the interior with a simple large opening and two open side pockets, perfect for your phone and keys.  It’s a perfect work bag for a professional setting with just enough architecture to keep it interesting.  I only retired this bag because I was starting to become the “bag lady” – one bag for lunch, one for my laptop and then my purse.  I’ve since upgraded to having one large work bag that serves all those purposes and can easily get me through a day at the office.

UPDATE – As of 1/21/17, all items from the Umuragi line are sold out and the line has been discontinued.   Bags and accessories from this line pop up for sale on EBay and the Love 41 Facebook Fan Page.


  • Simple elegance and perfect for the workplace.
  • Superior thumb turn closure with adjustable height options that matches the other hardware. This is my FAVORITE closure of all their bags.
  • Wide open interior to easily see and access  items at the bottom of the bag.
  • Open interior pockets easily accommodate a Samsung Galaxy S7 and keys.
  • Super comfortable when worn cross body.  Fits me just perfect at the shortest setting and I’m 5’2″.
  • EXTREMELY durable – Unphased by the rain despite never being treated.


  • Very heavy bag, not meant to be carried for long periods of time.


  • Saddleback Business Card / Simple Wallet
  • Keys
  • Saddleback 5 Pocket Leader Wallet
  • Phone
  • Saddleback Big Wallet
  • Hard glasses case
  • Gloves

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Add a flush back pocket to keep a few items within easy reach without having to open the bag.
  • Consider the same style in a smaller satchel with a top handle to offset the heavy weight of the bag.

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