Saddleback Leather Clutch Purse, Small

Get it here:  Saddleback Leather – Clutch Purse

This is my favorite “lunch purse” from Saddleback Leather!  Guaranteed for 100 years!

Switching purses used to be this monumental affair and so I rarely rotated my bags UNTIL I got this little beauty.  I call her my “Wallet on a String” because I put all my essentials in there – a wallet (or sometimes I just store my credit cards in the interior pocket and go sans wallet), keys, phone, chapstick, change in the coin pouch.  I take this in and out of any larger purse that I want to carry and voila, switching purses made easy.  If I’m at work, when I run to lunch or meetings, I take just this with me (hence my nickname for my smaller bags – lunch purse) and I’m off!


  • Perfect size for carrying the essentials plus some!
  • Exterior back pocket is perfect for stashing valet tickets, leaving a few bucks sticking out to easily tip when getting a manicure, plane tickets, anything you need within easy reach.
  • Coin purse – I can’t believe how often I use this! No more change floating around the bottom of my purse.
  • Interior pocket – Allows you to go sans wallet (as long as you didn’t previously stretch it out by putting your phone in there) and you can just slip in credit cards / work IDs, anything you don’t want to fuss with.
  • Super comfortable when worn cross body.  Fits me just perfect at the shortest setting and I’m 5’2″.


  • Cumbersome opening.
  • Hardware on the opening is silver and doesn’t match the antique brass rivets.


  • Saddleback business card / simple wallet
  • Keys
  • Chapstick
  • Phone
  • Love 41 Essential Oils Pouch (Not just for oils!)

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Change the opening to a simple turn closure similar to the one on the Umuragi collection
  • Matching hardware – Use all antique brass hardware for consistency.

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