Love 41 Leather Pocket Tote

Get it here:  Love 41 – Pocket Tote

Get organized and stay organized with the Love 41 Pocket Tote!

My large purses are often a hot mess! I start off with the best of intentions, then a few weeks later, there’s receipts, mail, snacks, paperwork and suddenly, it’s crazy in there.  This bag is a lifesaver if you have a lot of stuff.  I dedicated each pocket to a particular purpose and then I never had to hunt for keys, phone, wallet, etc.


  • 15 inch Mac Book Pro
  • Lunch Purse
  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Hard Sunglasses Case
  • Umbrella (Small)

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Flush Exterior Pockets – Remove the seam so files and magazines can slide in there.
  • Interior Pockets
    • Put these pockets on the same side as the nipple rivet tab so I can look in there without having to take the bag off.
    • Easier opening – Nipple rivet would be perfect here.
  • Add a key fob
  • Eliminate the cross body carry option.


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